[F&J SCHEDULE] OPERATION LOVE INVASION ::: Love Impact in Greeley, June 9th

GREETINGS FRIENDS!! We’re feeling stirred and excited for the HUGE Outreach coming up in Greeley, Operation Love Invasion, on Saturday, June 9th. It’s going to be in a park right in the center of three low-income government-subsidized apartment complexes, along with a mobile home park. The strategy is to setup all day there, to host God’s Love and Power in many tangible ways: free barbecue, free food distribution, free clothing distribution, prophetic & healing ministry, fun children and youth activities, free raffle prizes, etc.. Then after the all-day OUTREACH, we’re going to have have a Love Encounter Service, inviting everyone we shared Love with during the day to join us in the evening. We’ve partnered with a number of ministries to make this Love OUTREACH-day happen. There are going to be LOTS of hurting people, ready for a Love-Encounter. We’re believing for Massive Love Impact in this community!!

Below are some prayer targets, if you’d like to link arms with us in the spirit for Massive Love Impact…

RAPIDFIRE PRAYER is QUICK, TO THE POINT, FAITH FILLED PRAYER, aimed at a target. Simply read, agree, and declare by faith…

* pray LOTS and LOTS of people in this targeted community, respond to Operation Love Invasion. Pray many come from the North, South, East, and West, receiving Massive Love Impact…

* pray all who show up are Impacted by God’s Tangible Love, in life-changing ways. Pray our ministry teams are simply Love-Loaded Vessels of God’s Unconditional Love, to everyone we encounter…

* pray for an unshakable Unity for every person involved in this Outreach, allowing the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered, all day and night long…

* pray for LOTS of signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and salvations at this Outreach. Pray God’s Love is coupled with His Power all day and night long at this Outreach…

* most importantly, pray God receives all of the glory and honor for all that He accomplishes through this Outreach, releasing His Amazing Love to this community!!!


Thank you all for partnering with us in the spirit! If you’d like more info, please send us a message in the CONTACT section. Thanks so much!

** also, WE ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY MORE DONATIONS. Thank you all who have donated, our team is getting ready to distribute the Love Blessings!!


9 thoughts on “[F&J SCHEDULE] OPERATION LOVE INVASION ::: Love Impact in Greeley, June 9th

  1. Great! Thanks so much. I know your donation will be key in making Love Impact at this Outreach! Thanks so much for offering your help. If you shoot me an e-mail with your contact info, we’ll definitely keep in mind your willingness to help. If you go to the CONTACT section of the website, you can type us a message that will turn into an e-mail. Glori-blessings your way!

  2. Our family is moving on the 9th, so I am packing up LOTS of things today. I have like 5 BIG boxes of canned goods and non-perishable foods, etc. I may just need some help bringing them INTO church.

    • Serena! You have no idea how much this blesses us. Thank you so so much. If there’s no one that jumps out at you to help carry the boxes when you arrive to church, I would just find Phil, with the long hair, who monitors the lobbies, etc., and I’m sure he can get some guys to help transport the nonperishable foods. Thanks again so much!

  3. Will be praying for this.i got to give clothes first fruits b4 I left.so I get to b a part of it.yeah.I’M IN CALIF.with my other son Joshua.He lives 3blocks from the beach.

  4. HI Kawika, I am a Rez member and am off for the summer. I teach low income immigrants and refugees at Greeley West HS and Greeley Central HS, and used to teach at Billie Martinez Elem. in Greeley, near where I guess you will be. Can I join you tomorrow? I need to know where and when. Thanks!

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