[F&J POETRY] Limitless Love

LIMITLESS LOVE by Kawika Cornelius

Jesus… open my eyes to LOVE like You do, to see like You see, to do like You do.
The amount of LOVE with which You LOVE me, is the lens-looking-through, I want to see.

In that light, there’s nothing that prevails, because Your LOVE, never fails.
The darker the issue, the deeper the mistake, the greater impact for LOVE to make.

Some people might say “but that’s not the status quo”, and I would smile and say “I know”.
Any tradition that puts a limit on LOVE, corks the true LOVE that I’m thinking of.

So here’s my suggestion, what do you think?… let’s start skating on the true LOVE rink.
Slipping and sliding, and gliding along, singing a limitless-crazy-LOVE song.

And as we slide and glide to this beat, we’ll start carrying with us a portable LOVESEAT.
Open to anyone to sit and soak, and wear this LOVE like a fuzzy warm coat.

This LOVE will change things, and rearrange things, some are going to think it’s a strange thing.
The reason why, it’s not of this world, making mad people laugh, and dance and twirl.

Let’s start serving this crazy-limitless-LOVE, like a glass of wine poured from above.
Making His LOVE for us, our source of LOVE’s shower, turning everywhere we go… into happy hour!

2 thoughts on “[F&J POETRY] Limitless Love

  1. I LOVE your Love poem, so prophetic an true, it reflects a hungry heart, I can’t wait to see where this limitless-LOVE will take you!! Haha;)

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