Healing Report | Jesus Heals Man of Partial Blindness!

At a recent Outreach at a homeless shelter, we had opportunity to pray for Kevin, a dear man who was completely blind in his right eye due to an accident, and he says 90% in his left eye [not sure how accurate his percentage description was, but he could only see blurry]. He shared that the doctors said his eye is progressively going blind. Before praying for him, Kawika asked him if he could read books. He shared that he’s not able to see good enough to read a book. Before praying for Kevin, Kawika led Kevin in a prayer, renouncing unbelief, fear, doubt, and unworthiness. Afterwards, Kawika released Christ’s healing into his left eye, Kevin opened his eye, and was overwhelmed because he could see totally clear… you could tell it really took him by surprise. To test the healing, teammate Paul grabbed his Bible, asking Kevin to try and read. Kevin read word for word, clearly. He was very overwhelmed by the miracle, and so so happy. He’s a little shy in the interview, all who were there can testify of the bona fide touch from Jesus, it was very obvious. This was such an encouragement to the Freedom and Joy ministry team, stirring us up for the greater things! Check out the video below…

[F&J VIDEO REPORT] Jesus Heals a Man’s Eye of Partial Blindness from freedomandjoy.org on Vimeo.

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