F&J Prophetic Word: for Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area!

Greetings Freedom and Joy Friends! Freedom and Joy’s Director, Kawika Cornelius, is feeling a now word in his spirit to release to the regions of Southern IMG_8024Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. For the past 4-5 months God has been speaking very clearly to him, about a call to unity for believers and Ministries all over these regions, to bring in the end time harvest. Kawika is feeling God’s heart beating to raise up an army, who will let go of petty differences, link arms, and see heaven invade our land. If you consider Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, or the Denver area, your home, please be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as you read this. If you are not living in these areas, join us in the spirit, and we will believe with you for your land! Also, we would love your help getting this word out to pastors, ministry leaders, and believers in these regions. If there’s one thing God’s looking for in this time, it’s partnership. Below, Kawika shares a word for these regions…

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Hi Friends! For the past 4-5 months God has been stirring a word in my spirit for the regions of Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. I’m feeling His desire for unity among believers in these regions, and to do away with any division. Below is a number of visions and a visitation I’ve recently had. I feel God’s heart beating strong for these areas. See below…

February 2013
In prayer, I saw in the spirit a long stretch of land, immediately I knew this stretch of land consisted of Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. Asgreen and yellow flaming man I continued to watch this highlighted area in the spirit, I saw these green and yellow flames begin to ignite all over. As I saw these green and yellow flames igniting, I heard the Lord say…

These flames are symbolic of a specific fire I’m starting in this time, in different Ministries throughout Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. This fire I’m igniting is a fire of unity… unity to link Ministries with like-minded Ministries, to bring in the end time harvest. It’s a fire that will bring Ministries together, with the unified purpose of reaching the lost in these regions. I’m raising up an end time army of sons and daughters who are like-minded and united to see the harvest brought in. This army is an army I’m training and equipping to live in their true identity, to move in signs, wonders, miracles, and massive amounts of love, that confirms My word as they share it.

Monday, July 15, 2013
At a leaders meeting with our Associates, in prayer, I saw in the spirit again, the unity buddingsame stretch of land consisting of Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. This time I saw numerous buildings spread out across the highlighted regions, symbolic of numerous Ministries, and each of them were on fire with these green and yellow flames. As I continued to watch, the fires from each of these Ministries joined each other, becoming one huge flame. I heard the Lord say…

My Spirit is moving in this time, to unite Ministries in Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area, to bring in the end time harvest. Partner with Me as My Spirit moves to bring unity, partner with Me in linking arms with like-minded Ministries, partner with Me as I raise up an end time army in these regions. It’s time to get rid of things that divide, it’s time to get rid of bitterness and offense, it’s time to get rid of pride and competition, it’s time to get rid of backbiting and gossip… it’s time to link arms and become a unified army, a unit equipped and trained to live supernaturally, demonstrating My signs, wonders, miracles, and love to these regions. Partner with Me in this time, and you will begin to see My Spirit move mightily. Just as in the upper room, believers were in one accord as My Spirit poured out, I’m calling you to join together in one accord, and you will see My Spirit pour out in these regions like never before, if you will partner with Me.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
On Tuesday, July 16th, an angel visited me. I was out for a stroll in my wheelchair, having some quiet time with God. Immediately when I saw this angel, the Holyunity flock of sheep Spirit spoke to me saying that this angel was on assignment to assist in bringing unity among believers in this time – there are many angels on assignment to bring unity in these regions in this time. It’s important to understand that angels are always on assignment to fulfill God’s word and will, and in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 Paul calls us to desire to discern and be aware of the angelic. In 2 Kings 6:14-16 Elisha prays for his servant’s eyes to be opened to see the angels around him. God’s Word is full of angels on assignment to partner with and see His will fulfilled in our lives. See Psalms 103:20-21…

20 Bless the LORD, you His angels,
Who excel in strength, who do His word,
Heeding the voice of His word.
21 Bless the LORD, all you His hosts,
You ministers of His, who do His pleasure.

As I encountered this angel, I was caught up in a vision: I saw hundreds of believers unity teamworkworking together in labor. They were lined up walking in unison, and each one was holding a rope that was attached to something huge, and they were all hauling it into the regions God has highlighted. They worked together in such unity and teamwork. Immediately I knew in my spirit what they were hauling in… it was a mighty, continual move of God’s Spirit, being brought into the Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Denver area. After seeing this vision, the angel shared with me God’s heart for unity in these regions, and I heard the Lord say…

As these Ministries in the highlighted regions unite, becoming a like-minded army to bring in the harvest, they will bring in a mighty, continual move of My Spirit in these regions. Partner with Me, unity is key!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Lastly, I was out for a stroll in my wheelchair, and stopped at a huge bush full of little berries. As I saw this bush, immediately I was caught into a vision and saw in the unity grapesspirit gigantic fruit hanging off of these branches. A little surprised, I asked God what He was saying. I heard the Lord say…

As these Ministries in the highlighted regions unite, you will begin to see gigantic fruit as a result.

After seeing this vision, I was immediately reminded of the 12 spies Moses sent to scope out the Promised Land before entering, and the gigantic fruit they saw. Numbers 13:23 says that they found a cluster of grapes that took two men to carry on a staff. Now that’s some serious fruit! If you’re familiar with the story, the 12 spies returned to Moses with a report of the Promised Land. But despite the gigantic fruit they saw that was promised, 10 of the 12 spies were fearful and intimidated by giants they saw in the land. They took there eyes off of God’s promise and ability. Despite the 10 spies who doubted God, 2 spies named Joshua and Caleb, continued to believe God’s promise despite the giants. God is calling believers in the regions of Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area, to rise up like Joshua and Caleb, take Him at His word, and to take out the giants of division in the land. Great fruit awaits if we will partner with Him in this time… as we partner with each other! As we unite in one accord, a mighty continual outpouring awaits…

Acts 2:1-2
1 When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind…

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As God is moving among these regions He’s asking for partnership from His unity-plugging into the powersons and daughters. Let’s answer His call, and deal with every divisive attitude we’ve allowed in our lives. This fire He’s releasing is a grace-loaded enabling fire, and if we will partner with God in this time we will see divisive attitudes and strongholds burned off with an ease. Some make repentance sound like a gruesome, burdensome action – but it’s actually a happy, transforming, grace-loaded action. Yes there’s godly sorrow, but soon replaced with joy and freedom. Repentance simply means “changing your mind”, and it brings us more and more into the  joyful reality of our true-identity – whole new creatures in Christ. As God’s Spirit moves among these regions, burning away division and uniting us together as an army, we will experience such a joy from the Holy Spirit!

Partnership with God = Plugging into His Power. Here are some practical ways to partner with God in this time…

  • Welcome the Holy Spirit to hover over your life and highlight any areas that are devisive in nature when it comes to linking arms with other believers in these regions.
  • Welcome Him to burn away bitterness and offense, replacing them with forgiveness, love, and healing.
  • Welcome Him to burn away pride and competition, replacing them with humility, a servant’s heart, and true identity. Often a root of pride is a spirit of rejection, so welcome the Holy Spirit to minister acceptance and love to replace any rejection.
  • Welcome Him to burn away gossip and backbiting, replacing them with encouragement and support for others.
  • Welcome Him to burn away rebellion and disorder, replacing them with the spirit of honor that comes under God’s established-appointed authority.
  • Be sensitive to any other areas of division God may be highlighting, and letgreen and yellow flaming man Him burn them away!
  • Be proactive in partnering with God to see believers united in the targeted regions, and to see an end time army raised up to bring in the harvest with signs, wonders, and miracles!

Let’s be contagious with this fire of unity God is igniting in Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and the Denver area. If this witnesses with your spirit, please pass it around to other believers in the targeted area. Let’s partner with God in seeing a unified-supernatural army raised up, to bring in the end time harvest!

Kawika Cornelius
Director of Freedom and Joy Ministries

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::CelebrationVenue:: Glory & Grace: Nights of Encounter & Equipping, this Thursday@6:30 PM

Greetings Friends! Come and join us this Thursday night, July 25th, outpouringat the Jerusalem of Gold/Celebration Ministries Sanctuary in Loveland for a night of Encounter and Equipping at 6:30 PM. To stir you up, God’s glory has been pouring out in such a tangible way in our meetings… it’s been thick and heavy, sometimes making it hard to even transition from worship to the word… people overwhelmed by God’s presence: laughing, caught up in the glory, drunk in the Holy Spirit, simply encountering Him. At Freedom and Joy, we love God’s manifest presence, but God has had us in an increased time of Encounter. We believe God is releasing a new glory of Encounter in this season. We encourage you to come hungry and ready to dive in to all God is doing! It’s going to be a Spirit-filled night of Encounter, Equipping, and Impartation. Also, please bring the sick, the hurting, and the lost. Jesus is alive and well to meet people this Thursday night!


**We currently meet at the Jerusalem of Gold/Celebration Ministries, in their Anointed Sanctuary Loveland Outlet Mallfor our Weekly Meetings (directions below). As of now, we don’t have child care, but you’re welcome to bring your children to come and enjoy the atmosphere. Doors open at 6:00 PM for Soaking and Partnering with Heaven to be released on the Earth, and our meetings start at 6:30 PM. Let’s get ready to ENCOUNTER GOD and be EQUIPPED FOR IMPACT! For any questions, message us, or call at 970-667-9513. For more information check out our website at www.freedomandjoy.org.

DIRECTIONS: The Jerusalem of Gold/Celebration Ministries is really easy to find, being a central location in Northern Colorado, a straight shot for Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and Denver. Keeping it very simple, it’s in the Classic Outlet Mall, on the Westside of I-25 near the intersection of Highway 34 & I-25, and it’s right behind the Cracker Barrel. Click below for more detailed directions…

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