[F&J Update]: Love Impact Kenya

Kenya Meeting WorshipThe Love Impact Kenya team has been having an amazing and powerful time bringing the message of the finished work of the cross and unity to Nairobi, Kenya.

Everywhere they have gone, whether it’s at the airport, the hotel, conferences, open-air meetings, equipping sessions or anywhere between, the Holy Spirit has been moving powerfully, with signs, wonders, miracles, and the team has been seeing lots of healings, salvations, demons cast out, people set free from witchcraft, and heaven manifesting on earth.

Drinking in the Glory
The team had the privilege of speaking at a leadership meeting where God established unity between leaders. It was an amazing time with the Holy Spirit. Each one of the team brought a now-word and powerful impartation. Afterwards, the joy-angels showed up releasing intoxicating joy and freedom.

Kathy Singing Prophetically over KenyaIn Karatina, a city near Nairobi, Kenya, the team was honored to partner with God in serving Bishop William and his hungry bunch of believers. God moved powerfully with a fire of unity, signs and wonders, and love to propel it all. It was a life-changing supernatural week at Victors Chapel: seeing Jesus confirm His word through signs and wonders, His prophetic voice, and angelic visitation.

As Kawika has been training the Kenyan believers in moving in signs, wonders, and miracles (the call of every believer) the Holy Spirit has ignited a fire in God’s sons and daughters, empowering them for great exploits. In these sessions, lots of bodies were healed Deborah Painting! Let that Lion roar!on the spot, but even better, the Kenyan believers were equipped to release the Kingdom wherever they go! The church in Kenya is stepping into the ease of relying on the finished work of the Cross and drunken joy and freedom are manifesting.

Right now the team is hosting three days of open air meetings in Nairobi, Kenya, partnering with Bishop Ben of CLOL Minstries. On the first day of the meetings, over 1,000 attendees encountered God’s power, love, and heBoy Accepted Jesus at Open Air Meetingard the good news of Christ’s finished work on the Cross. Kawika preached a short salvation message coupled with his testimony, which was followed by a powerful time bringing in the harvest. The team laid hands on the sick and ministered life to those who responded.  Many bodies were healed on the spot. A number were set free from oppression, leaving saved and smiling. This was day one of three for the open air meetings…. God has so much in store!

Those of us here in the States get the joy of partnering with heaven and the Kenya team in prayer.  Our prayers are making a massive impact. Let’s continue standing with them in prayer, agreeing for

Glory Times!  We saw Salvations, Healings, and people set free from witchcraft.

  • God’s powerful anointing to flow freely and unhindered
  • Eyes to be opened to all that is theirs in Christ
  • Lots of signs, wonders, miracles, salvation, and no-limits love to manifest
  • Jesus to be made famous in Kenya!

Thanks – Your prayers really are changing the atmosphere!
Enjoying God's Presence
Check out this clip of the glory worship times the team has been a part of in Kenya. These Kenyans know how to party!

-Freedom and Joy Associate, Amy Baldwin

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